London Calling

“London Calling with Graham Mack”  is an online radio show for America. I chat with interesting people and talk about what’s happening in the UK; from princesses to Prime Ministers, from Dr. Who to Downton and from Beckham to Brexit.  All the things that matter and some things that just don’t.
Colonel Terry Virts talks about his scariest moment on the International Space Station and why NASA’s Deep Space Gateway is a bad idea. As well as that, Lyn talks about the worst Christmas present she ever got; Brexit is a continuing disaster and the British Government are not being honest with us; Things men do to impress women; Is Bill Gates the world’s biggest cyber criminal?; A politically incorrect joke about blondes; Why you should not have a dash cam fitted to your car.

The real reason Prince Harry is marrying Meghan Markle discussed with Jim McCabe from Philadelphia; Why Blade Runner doesn’t predict the future; Roger is leaving Britain because of Brexit; Why the British Prime Minister must LOVE Donald Trump; A brush with wildlife; When following procedure makes you sound like an idiot; How simple devices can confuse intelligent people; Proof that the death of broadcast radio has been greatly exaggerated.

Retired astronaut and Air Force pilot Terry Virts talks about flying the Space Shuttle and the difference between launching on the Shuttle and
the Soyuz. As well as that, Lynn’s parking nightmare story, Jesus the sausage roll, preparations for my trip to Africa, the sinister truth about Universal Basic Income, driverless cars in Britain by 2021, same sex marriage in Australia and a Christmas shopping disaster from Mick.

In the latest episode of my show for America: The Queen is dodgy and so is Prince Charles; A supermarket disaster; How much do airlines REALLY care about our safety?; The job interview from hell; Does that make me crazy?; The cemetery for robots; Why it’s perfectly legal to buy explosive in the UK; Mistaken identity; Can sheep recognise faces?; A long shot that came in; Linda’s secret talent; Voice actor Jim McCabe checks in from Philadelphia.
Soul singer, Alexander O’Neal talks about addiction, getting fired by Prince and his new British tour. 
As well as that, a look at what’s happening in Britain, including – Why is Richard Branson putting money into Elon Musk‘s Hyperloop?; Sleep walking and talking; The perfect metaphor for Brexit; Gadgets you don’t use; Why it now costs $30 to drive into London; Reasons for getting dumped and people who cheat to break the land speed record.
Britain’s killer eggs are now safe; The truth about politicians; A London double decker bus driver blows kisses; Why Britain is in trouble; Stranded stories; Is working in an office real work?; An electrocution misconception; Brexit is a mess; Crimes of fashion; Why do car key fobs cost so much and take so long to be replaced? 

Tony Prince talks about getting his first break in TV, jamming with Jimi Hendrix, broadcasting throughout Europe on Radio Luxembourg, his book and the film he’s working on. As well as that – Joe checks in from Chicago for a special birthday dedication; Back seat driving from Boris Johnson; Public disgrace on public transport; Why is nobody calling their baby Nigel?; Lisa gets her finger stuck in someone’s ring; Magic politicians; Bad food Britain surprises Americans; Saudi women get to drive, but where to?
Storm Aileen hits Britain; Do you brush your teeth in the shower?; Speed cameras; Where will the next royal baby be born?; Houseguests from hell; Do public holidays cause panda pregnancies in Scotland?; A phone scam; Confusion over the new iPhones; Offensive candy; A conversation about astrophysics and religion with Jim from Philadelphia.
Broadcasting legend Tony Prince talks about meeting Elvis in Las Vegas, the truth about Colonel Tom Parker and his early life and career that took him from spinning discs and introducing the Beatles in a ballroom in northern England to broadcasting to an international audience of more than 50 million on Radio Luxembourg. In, “What’s Happening in Britain” – A royal baby; How the British population has been mis-sold; Unusual hooking up stories and the Scottish do the right thing by the environment. Also, Jim checks in from Philly and we talk about North Korea and how the majority is usually wrong.

The big hit TV show in Britain right now is televised baking. Is this just the start of more bizarre television formats?; Self-driving trucks are on British roads; Hotel stories; A special birthday; A new religion in India, but is it really that new?; How do you solve a problem like Korea?; The dirty TV show that sounds worse when you listen to it; The most overrated tourist attractions; Why Britain is delusional and has a superiority complex; More disappointment from the British Prime Minister.
Slim Jim talks about the success of The Stray Cats from starting out in London to making it in America, the breakup, the reunions and how he’s worked with rock royalty. In, “What’s Happening In Britain” – Reaction to the terror attacks in Barcelona; Why Britain is the greatest country on earth, or is it?; Memories of radio in New Zealand; How British weather forecasts are a joke; Wedding stories; Big Ben bull; Bad parenting making the world better; Sport on the public highway and hotel nightmares. 

Tom Cruise slips up in London, Big Ben loses his voice, a wedding crasher, drinking at airports, 
the Antarctic expedition that was a piece of cake and why the classic red British phone box is an endangered species.

Slim Jim Phantom from The Stray Cats talks about how he got started playing the drums, the beginning of The Stray Cats and moving to London from Long Island as a teenager. In “What’s Happening in Britain This Week”; A look at how the UK is just like North Korea; Electric cars are coming; What Brexit will cost; Guilty pleasures; Millions being lost in Britain because of a ‘fortune telling scam’; Dunkirk; The war on sugar; What has happened to England’s weather? 

Proof that Elvis is not still alive; What it’s really like on one of Britain’s most overcrowded trains; Songs with your name in; The British Home Secretary wants to make people who post extreme views online harder to catch; English soccer clubs missing out because of a dumb rule they agreed to; Things that should be taxed; What Britain has in common with North Korea; People who say America never went to the moon are nuts; Cell phone zombies; We have too many passwords to remember; Which is faster, the speed of light or the speed of dark?; Guilty pleasures. 

Writer, producer and broadcaster, Trevor Dann talks about how he got started, some of the iconic radio and television programs he’s worked on, the people he’s worked with, hired and fired. As well as Trevor, There’s a roundup of what’s happening in Britain including ‘shrinkflation’, how the British government is going to ban gas and diesel cars and the truth about antibiotics. Mandy checks in, we hear about the world’s best jobs and how Donna was terrorised by David Hasselhoff.
Peter Frampton talks about how his life changed after Frampton Comes Alive, working with David Bowie, saving a bird and what he’s up to these days. In 'What's happening in Britain?'; Dr Who fans furious over the choice of the new Doctor; Should you tip at a gas station? The family that’s a real life sitcom; Mooning garden gnomes; The future of transport is electric; If you visit Britain, check your change; The UK still doesn’t have the hang of the Brexit negotiations.
Trevor Dann is a British writer and broadcaster who has been associated with some of the most influential radio and television music programmes and events of the last 30 years. He talks candidly about his background, growing up in Nottingham, his career and his BAFTA award winning involvement in Live Aid. As well as Trevor, in this week’s “What’s Happening In Britain”, fancy dress stories and what do the royal family REALLY cost?
Theresa May makes another mistake over Brexit; The Creepy reverend; Was Britain’s Foreign Secretary, Boris Johnson in an 80s comedy sketch?; Why Donald Trump will not be visiting Britain this year; Naughty dogs; Politics is not a sport; The Dodgy deal with the DUP in Northern Ireland; The supermarket chain with no sense of humor; Is Bill Gates the world’s biggest cyber-criminal?; Punny business names; Jim in Philadelphia talks America’s Cup, iPhone and James Bond.

Singer, songwriter and producer Peter Frampton talks about how he got started, recording one of the biggest selling live albums of all time and the business challenges that face songwriters today; Reaction to the fire that killed 79 people in their homes in London and the latest “terror” attack; The Prime Minister under pressure; Brexit negotiations not going well for Britain; More Brits are admitting to having cosmetic surgery and crazy things on the road. 

Dominic Monaghan talks about how he turned to drugs to cope with life after Lord Of The Rings; Proof that traffic Wardens are evil; The fallout after Britain’s latest general election; Is Theresa May, a “dead woman walking”?; The ambulance chaser phone call; Reaction to the fire in the tower block; The opening of the British Parliament delayed because of goatskin paper; Does type 2 diabetes make you bad at maths?

Terror on the streets of London and the European anti-terror policies that make no sense; Listen to the song that was banned by every British radio station; My report from America’s most important talk radio convention.

Mike Brewer from Wheeler Dealers talks about his favorite cars and the time he was in a military helicopter when the pilot was shot; Ken’s issue in a supermarket; Free food for school children; A great bargain story; Has Brexit been good for Britain?; Dot Kennedy from Philadelphia was in her 60s when she started stand-up comedy, listen to her set. 

Episode 33 - Dominic Monaghan
Dominic Monaghan talks about how he went from being a hyperactive child actor in Manchester to star in one of the world’s biggest film franchises and one of the most successful TV shows of all time; Is Britain really in the grip of election fever?; Why is there always a single shoe on the side of the road?; The person responsible for the latest computer virus is named and shamed; Stuff left behind when you moved into a new place; David Beckham is no actor; Archive audio from Australia; Should fidget spinners be banned?; The curse of the radio awards.
Mike Brewer talks about how he went from being a South London car dealer to the presenter of one of the world’s most popular car shows on TV; The zombie apocalypse at one of London’s airports; Why we should all be eating insects; The Duke of Edinburgh announced he’s retiring from public engagements so there’s a look back at some of the racist and sexist comments he’s made and we play “Donald or Duke” to see if you can tell the difference between one of his quotes and one from Donald Trump; Stephen Fry is investigated for blasphemy; Why Kim Jong-un’s picture is hanging on a wall in a Mom’s house in Derby and is Russia about to invade Britain?
Chris White from the Zombies talks about the problems the band had in the Philippines, making Odessey & Oracle and other bands touring the US using the name “The Zombies” without permission; Why Britain doesn’t have a government right now; Have-a-go heroes; How to save the planet; Is snooker a sport?; Why S-Town is one of the worst podcasts ever made.
Glen Matlock from The Sex Pistols talks about the band’s rise, fall and reunion and how fame changed Johnny Rotten; The Real reason Britain is going to have a general election in June and how British commercial radio is censored until it’s over; A not so lovely meter maid; Cyclists are not right in the head; A blackbird sings; How socialised medicine in Britain is run by control freaks; S-Town brings back memories of rural Australia;
The Soccer World Cup is coming to America, Canada and Mexico but should not be there at all; The Queen meets her namesake in a zoo; The National Trust upsets Christians; The British tradition of doing a runner; The delights of transatlantic travel.
Chris White from The Zombies talks about the current US tour and how the band got started; Brexit Britain at war with Spain; The UK condones gender apartheid in Saudi Arabia; Delivery Disasters; Cat pee scented candles; Caught on camera; Why you should never bet on the final score of a soccer match and
The Sex Pistols bass player, Glen Matlock talks about the early days of the band forty years after ‘Anarchy In The UK’; Reaction to the attack on Westminster Bridge that left four people dead and 29 injured; The Home Secretary Amber Rudd blames the attack on WhatsApp; Hear the British Prime Minister, Theresa May, makes one of the worst speeches of her life at a time when the country needed her the most; Another call to a scammer; The Muslim laptop ban.
Negotiations for Britain’s exit from the EU are getting nasty; The show is full of the joys of spring; Why Prince William, the heir to the throne is taking us all for a ride; More embarrassment for Britain’s Prime Minister; A call to a scammer; And Chief White House correspondent for Talk Media News, Victoria Jones, checks in from Washington DC.
Gene & Julie check in from North Carolina check in; The United Kingdom is breaking apart over Brexit; The G-Emmy Awards; Why Theresa May is not a great leader; The hardest working people in Britain will pay more tax; 
Victoria Jones, the chief White House correspondent with Washington DC-based Talk Media News talks about growing up in the UK, her love of Liverpool Football Club and making the move to America; Will Britain’s most secretive organisation be forced to share it’s secrets?; British school children given detention for getting hiccups; Stupid rules on music radio stations;
Reality TV star Lawrence Hill and what really goes on behind the scenes on ‘The Voice’; Two former Prime Ministers have their say on why Brexit is bad and thanks to Jim in Philadelphia we talk about the big murder case that gripped Britain.
Angry rants about traffic congestion and an idiot who can’t see the solution staring him in the face; How prohibition of televised sport is helping pirates; The truth about house prices in Britain; The petition to ban Donald Trump; The real reason Britain’s socialised medicine isn’t working; Vietnam veteran Jim Lenton checks in from Michigan.
Award winning broadcasters and married couple Gene & Julie check in from North Carolina;
Why the Speaker of the House Of Commons is under pressure; Jim McCabe in Philadelphia shares my confusion over European place names and the bell ringer who got grabbed by the bells.
Donald Trump banned from speaking to the British parliament; Liverpool lose again, a transatlantic view of the Superbowl and a chat with Antarctic explorer and cancer survivor Rob Smith.
American media journalist, Kate Bulkley, who’s based in London, talks about the difference between the media in the USA and the UK. The British Prime Minister, Theresa May met with Donald Trump but plans for a state visit by President Trump have caused protests, a petition and a possible problem for the Queen. 

Kate Bulkley is an American media commentator and journalist based in the UK with over 30 years experience covering media, technology, telecommunications and all the intersections among them. Hear her story and how she made the move from the US and became an award-winning media journalist in Britain. Also: Britain’s socialised healthcare system is in crisis, predictions that won’t come true and Rob Smith gets closer to the South Pole.

The American talk show host and political commentator, Charlie Wolf talks about how he made the move from the US to Britain and what it was like working on an offshore pirate radio station. Other topics covered include, socialised health care and the impact of President Trump. Also on the show, Is the queen dead?; A bizarre wrong number; Rob Smith updates us on his way to the South Pole and Julie gets an unexpected compliment.

Who will be voted top guest of 2016? Hear from Eddie The Eagle, John Cleese, Suzi Quatro, Richard E. Grant and Piff The Magic Dragon. As well
as that, a health scare for the Queen makes front page news, Badger shares an amazing coincidence and Rob Smith checks in from Antarctica.

British based American broadcaster, Charlie Wolf talks about pirate radio, why and how he made the switch from music radio to talk radio, differences between US and UK broadcasting, how he got his start, spilling a jug of water in a studio mixer and getting fired because Stairway To Heaven wasn’t long enough; Britain is on strike; An unnecessary parking ticket; The date from hell; Why Star Wars makes no sense anymore; Rob Smith checks in on satellite phone from Antarctica on his way to the South Pole.

British born US talk show host Simon Conway talks about interviewing Donald Trump, religion and immigration; Why you should never criticize the prime minister’s trousers; The unusual Brexit protest and what it really means; Mick Jagger is a dad again.

Suzi Quatro talks about making it big, appearing in 15 episodes of Happy Days and peeing her pants on a plane. Has the British Foreign secretary, Boris Johnson been caught in a lie and what does he have in common with Donald Trump?; BJ Shea from KISW in Seattle Washington checks in to discuss the Brexit mess and the lack of a plan.

Simon Conway, conservative radio talk show host on WHO Newsradio 1040 in Iowa who was born and bred in Britain, talks about how and why he became one of the proudest citizens of the United States; People talk about the most unusual things they’ve ever eaten including Anthea who used to be a cannibal; John the freak checks in and you’ll hear about strange things people have found in homes they moved into.

Singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and actress, Suzi Quatro talks about her life and career; Is Donald Trump going to meet the Queen?; Yoko Ono’s reaction to Donald Trump winning the election; How Donald should use the British model in the USA; The British law that bans people from smoking in cars doesn’t go far enough; Demelza Leslie from Radio New Zealand in Wellington with an update on the aftermath of the earthquake.
Eddie The Eagle explains how he now lives in a house with no walls or ceilings and no kitchen, cooks on a camping stove and survives on free meals and egg sandwiches, even though he’s the subject of one of the biggest movies of the year; Brits react to the Donald Trump news; The British Prime Minister is snubbed by Trump; The British Foreign Secretary congratulates Donald even though he says Trump is unfit to be President; Getting lost and found on the way to meet Suzi Quatro.

Star of America’s Got Talent, Las Vegas magician, Piff The Magic Dragon talks about making it big in America and his life in Britain before that. The latest twist in the Brexit story that could slow down the process of Britain leaving the EU and cause a constitutional crisis. And top US broadcasters Gene & Julie check in from Raleigh North Carolina with questions about British teeth, toilet paper and taxis.

Eddie The Eagle tells his true story about how he got to the 1988 Winter Olympics in Calgary; Hear how a brave six year old saved her mother’s life; Charles checks in from Chicago; Holly gets rescued by Prince William but isn’t happy about it and Prince Harry has a new girlfriend.

Paul Gambaccini has some pretty scathing things to say about London’s Metropolitan Police, describing them as “A third rate stasi”. American media consultant Walter Sabo checks in from Manhattan and proving that the show covers things that matter and some things that just don’t, there are tales of animal defecation as well! actor, Richard E. Grant, talks about growing up in Swaziland, accidentally seeing his mother have sex with a man who wasn’t his father, meeting Donald Trump and his new fragrance, “Jack Piccadilly 69.” Morning Show host, BJ Shea from KISW in Seattle checks in and talks bollocks, Jim McCabe from Philadelphia P.A. chats about scary clowns and we hear the shocking truth about the British Foreign secretary Boris Johnson.
An icon of British broadcasting – who happens to be an American, Paul Gambaccini. I discuss a possible fist fight in the European Parliament, Linda in California discovers the show via Chicago and Michael Harrison checks in from Massachusetts.
Dr. Alison Cronin runs Monkey World, one of the world's biggest monkey and ape rescue centers on England’s south coast. She’s originally from California, has been awarded an MBE by the Queen and has become internationally famous thanks to the reality TV show, Monkey Life. There’s also a call from Darren who talks about throwing bottles at the police and audio from the talk I gave at the Royal Institution in London.

He's known as the Godfather of British Blues. His legendary band lineup has included Mick Fleetwood, Mick Taylor, Peter 
Green and Eric Clapton. There are also guest appearances from Jonathon Brandmeier and Geri Halliwell (Ginger Spice). Topics covered include the Royal visit to Canada and the British version of Dancing With The Stars.
The debut installment of the show features an exclusive interview with the legendary English actor, comedian, writer, film producer, 
Minister of Funny Walks and tall person – John Cleese. His credits include; Monty Python, Fawlty Towers, A Fish called Wanda & Fierce Creatures.